A Lack of Morals?

When I was much younger than I am today, I lived with the sense that even though I didn’t agree what many people felt or believed about what our government should or should not do for us, I felt the best interest of our country and the freedoms it represented were their primary intent. If I hadn’t been disabused of that naïve belief before, I certainly am now.

What is happening in our country, in our capitol, in the hands of our elected leaders, (and I’m not referring to the ones that fall on the “red” side of either branch of our government) is nothing short of the worst possible scenario any screen writer or novelist could conceivably come up with. When I listen to the promises and the proposals that are being foisted upon us with regularity, I can come to only one conclusion. There is now a total lack of morals in the democrat party, with damn few exceptions.

Why on earth would anyone with a conscience want to burden future generations with the astronomical debt that congress has now saddled the country with? Why? It certainly isn’t because they sincerely want a better life for future generations. It is economically impossible for this country continue to add to our debt load without totally destroying an economy that has, up until now been the envy of the world.

It has long been said that people vote with their pocketbooks in mind. Well, how stupid can people get? Do they really think that all that money is going buy them more than what they can by today? Apparently, they do. You would think that if the average citizen had even a modicum of understanding of principle of supply and demand that they would soon figure out that what makes a dollar worth more is not having more of it. It’s the exact opposite. The supply of any commodity, including the dollar directly affects its value.

The democrats know that and that, to my mind, makes them criminals. They don’t care about anyone or anything that detracts from their power to control the lives of anyone they consider less than themselves or their ability to enrich themselves at the expense of the very people they claim to represent. So, how is it that supposedly educated people fall for the obviously wrong-headed ideas?

They are in fact, obviously very uneducated. Sure, they have college degrees of every sort, but the degrees are absolutely worthless when it comes to an understanding of real economics. The result is voters who buy into the notion that free college education, free childcare, free everything is actually free. That is what our education system has given us … a country filled with educated stupid people. And the democrats know it.

The democrats know that and that is why they are getting away with things like “woke” culture, whatever the hell that is. It’s supposed to mean that “woke” people have “woke” up to the injustices of our culture and history. In my opinion, it primarily means that they have “woke” up to one simple fact. With control of the media, career government employees and now congress and the white house they have “woke” up to the fact that they can lie about history and get away with it. If that isn’t a lack of morals, I don’t know what is. There is absolutely no moral basis for anything “woke” culture has produced. “Woke” culture is totally and completely void of any moral compass.

So, what is the solution for those of us who still have a moral compass? Maybe we need to follow Maxine Waters advice and “get up in their face”. The conservative moment has been too complacent and tried too hard to maintain a sense of decorum. Look at what that has gotten us.

We as a free people are at a precipice in history and if we don’t step back and take a few pages from the play book used by the democrats and their socialistic progressive allies we will be beyond redemption and our grandchildren will never know the promise of the United State of America.

A lack of morals? Without a doubt.

3 thoughts on “A Lack of Morals?

  1. As usual, you so eloquently state what I believe, but I don’t have the “guts” to say. Thank you for giving me clarity! (And perhaps some fortitude?)

  2. Hello Georgia! I must say that you write very much like you talk…I can hear your inflections as I read the blog 🙂 Thank you for your thoughts! And I am assuming, like with my blog, you write (in part) to engage in conversation, so converse I will!!

    I find unfortunate that in today’s political climate we do not simply disagree with others, though we choose to vilify them as well. I really, REALLY like the economic principles you discuss and very much AGREE with them…money does not grow on trees and their definitely aint no free lunches. The price of products are not going up, rather the value of the dollar is going down…and that is a huge financial difference. My primary beef with the blog is not the general idea, in fact, I agree. Rather it is the needless dragging in of the blue/red divide. I try not to identify those I disagree with as stupid or criminals, while I try to operate on the principle of good intent. I think you would agree that there exists big spending “reds” who speak a good economic game though want to spend as much, just on different things. I would like to believe the right is the party of financial wisdom, though it is clearly not. Our financial woes seem to persist regardless of who runs the House or Executive Branches and their political leanings. Trump handed out “free money” with the best of them…and wanted to hand out more than what the house was willing to spend, if memory serves.

    For those who want to print more and more money, thinking it is solving the problem, I would consider either financially illiterate or misguided. Though, for example, though I completely disagree with the notion of free college, I believe those who propose it believe doing so would be a great social boost to society and its individuals. I do not question their motives.

    I prefer to give my ideological opponents the benefit of good intentions as I think this will be far more productive practice in the long run. As well, I try not to get suckered into the red/blue thing as I believe the difference is in rhetoric ONLY, not practice.

    Oh, and I am currently writing a blog on a person you may or may not know though your name was brought up….I hope you let me know what you think!

  3. Hi Jimmy,
    Just got back from the family cabin in Montana this afternoon where there was no internet at all. I do appreciate your thoughtful comments on what I had to say in this blog. I fully agree with you that intelligent conversation on any subject, politics especially, is far more beneficial to any society.

    What you saw in my blog is a boiling over of frustration with liberals in general and what, in my experience, is a total refusal to have an intelligent conversation. The reason for that, I believe, is that the liberal mind is purely emotional and when confronted with an opportunity to converse about political pros and cons they simply cannot logically defend their views. Thus, they allow their emotions to rule the day and as I’m sure you have experienced, emotions are generally void of logic or common sense.

    The closest I have come to anything resembling a thoughtful conversation with a liberal was with my late pastor. He would listen to what I had to say and then close the conversation with “We’ll just have to agree to disagree.” No defense or explanation of his views.

    As far as “good intentions” are concerned, that may be the case for many people but in my view the intentions of most of the predominant liberals in Washington is simply power and an effort to sustain that power. When I was just becoming aware of politics and curios about the difference in Republicans and Democrats, my mother described the difference in Republicans and Democrats this way: “Republicans believe that the individual is most suited to making decisions affecting their own lives. Democrats believe that the average person simply does not have wisdom to do that so the government has to take charge and make all decisions affecting the lives of the average person for them .”

    I am really looking forward to seeing your blog about a “person I may or may not know though my name was brought up. Curiosity is roiling in my head.

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