And All That …

Don’t say it … I know, it’s about time I said something. So here goes.

One would think that maybe I had writer’s block or some similar excuse for being silent for so long, but that’s not the case … at least not entirely. If there’s been a block it’s been in not knowing where to start. When it comes to things that interest me I am definitely not a one trick pony. Yes, of course I’m interested in gender identity issues but that’s just a small part of my life.

The biggest part of my life is my church, the people in the church, my faith in what God has set me on this earth to accomplish. Recently I’ve alluded to discontent and disappointment with many of the facets of my church and some of the things that were transpiring. Two weeks ago I felt that it was about time to move on, but to where? I had no clue, and furthermore I didn’t want a clue, because I didn’t want to move on. Finally my frustration spilled over into a series of text messages that I was certain would be the death knell the relationship. However, the result was a totally new relationship with the cause of my frustration and a renewed since of mission there.

Of the Ten Commandments, the first four deal with the “dos” in our relationship to God; the last 6 deal with “don’ts” our relationships with our fellow man. So, one necessarily has to conclude that God’s intention for us is to get along with one another. Since I have a great deal of difficulty in getting along with some people, and I’m relatively certain that God is keenly aware of that potential in His creation, I have to assume that it’s for that reason they are called the Ten Commandments and not the Ten Suggestions or the Ten Possible Courses of Action.

If they had been called the Ten Possible Courses of Action it would be so much easier to consider some of the possible courses of action in relation to one of my other major interests … world and national affairs. In the current state of affairs it would really be convenient to think in terms of possible courses of action, especially when considering the events in the Middle East. The possible course of action or suggestion to not kill, when it comes to defending of millions of unarmed citizens who happen be in the path of the devil’s brigade known as ISIS could be dismissed as an unacceptable “possible course of action”.

But it isn’t a “possible course of action” is it? No! It is definitely stated as a command. So then we have the question of what is the real meaning of the commandment. Are we really supposed to stand idly by when innocent people are dying? Are we also expected to sit on our hands and do nothing to defend our own immediate families? Somehow I just don’t think that is what our Creator had in mind. Did he say something else to Moses that clarified the conditions of that commandment that Moses neglected to get on the tablet? Well, no, it wasn’t Moses taking dictation according to the bible. They were written by God’s own hand, so we can’t blame Moses for being lazy. What did God mean?

Some interpretations state the 6th commandment this way: “Don’t commit murder.” Well now that puts things in an entirely new light. The dictionary defines murder as “killing unlawfully.” I want to know if all this means that I am to use the brain, and moral inclinations which God blessed me with to draw an intelligent and justifiable conclusion on my own. Given that there is no ultimate earthly authoritative answer to that dilemma I will just have to wing it in the meantime. With that said, I think you can draw your own conclusions about what I think the solution to the current world situation.

Yes, I realize that this may be something of a disappointment after weeks of silence, but it’s a start. I’ve said something … and all that.

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