Things I forgot …

I’m in Prescott for the weekend, courtesy of my friend/employer and his lady. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced the atmosphere of a town which is inhabited, for the most part, by people who actually want to live where they live. In many cases they accept the reality that monitary compensation might not be so great, but they are willing to accept that circumstance in order to live in a community where it’s possible to walk down the street, see, greet and chat with people you know.
I’m sitting in the Raven Cafe where it seems that hardly anyone here, except me of course, doesn’t know at least one other person here for Saturday morning coffee and friendly chat. It makes me want to at least consider moving here one day. Maybe … one day!

One thought on “Things I forgot …

  1. Georgia, as your book, the blog is awesomely written. Your such a fabulous person and as I told you, the most lovable person I have ever met.

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