On Arizona Politics

People who know me well, know quite well that politically speaking I am, to say the least, extremely conservative. For those of you who think that means I agree with the actions of the conservative Arizona legislature today you are dead wrong. I am appalled, to say the least, that people who claim to be conservative are anything but.

The only thing conservative about them is the width of their thought processes … extremely narrow. And that brings me to the real point of what I want to say. Narrowness of mind has nothing to do with conservative thought. It has to do with the inability to view the world from a wider perspective and it has to do with the inability to realize that freedom of expression does not mean the right to imprison others in a literal or figurative sense.

In addition to the mean spirited nature of what the Arizona legislature did today I’m angered by the fact that all the good loving people, and there are many who are conservative in the sense that I consider myself to be, are painted with a broad brush of hatred by too many who consider themselves to be liberal/progressive. To me, the only difference in the latter and the apparent majority of the Arizona legislature is this.

The conservative narrow minds in our legislature want to consider that their freedoms, for instance, extend to the point where they insist that you should be able to keep much more of your hard earned money, but then turn around and tell you how and on what you spend it. That in a sense reduces your freedoms of choice, which is the essence, in my mind, of the vote of the Arizona legislature …

The liberal/progressive minds consider that you should be able to determine how and on what you spend your hard earned money. The problem with their solution is that they don’t think that you are smart enough or generous enough to know how or on what to spend your money so their solution is to take most of it and spend it in ways they think are more beneficial to you and your neighbors. That also reduces your freedoms … disproportionately.

So, the essence of what I feel about the vote today is this. Get the hell out of my bedroom and while you’re at it, I’ll thank you to get your hands out of my pockets. I’m perfectly capable of observing the needs of the lives around me and who to help and who not to help without your input. I have no need whatsoever to exercise control over any other person.

That is Georgia’s brand of conservatism. If you don’t like it Arizona legislature, put it in your pipe and smoke it. You are not my brand of people.

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