Why Me?

In my “Nothing Notebook” there is an entry dated August 24, 2010 which reads: “When all the words have been written, the periods placed, the commas comma’d and the exclamations, exclaimed, I’m left with the repetitious question mark which followed the repeated “whys” of that return drive from Coolidge the day Marilyn left us. ‘Why? Why me?’ Why did God choose me to carry this cross? Did I volunteer, and if so, when?”

What didn’t follow that entry, but follows now is: “I certainly don’t remember a call for volunteers.” You would think that I’d have some memory of it; some faint recollections of The Angel of The Lord lining a bunch of us up one morning and in a serious tone of voice making the following announcement. “Okay all you guy spirits who are scheduled for placement in souls at various locations around the world in the next few days, Abba needs a volunteer for a special mission. Ah, not so fast. Wait until you hear the details of the mission before you jump up and down shouting ‘Me, me! Choose me!’ The details of this mission are not going to be available to your memory when you leave this meeting. The first detail you will soon forget is this. Whoever takes this mission on is going to have to share your assigned body and soul with a female spirit. You are going to be crammed into one soul which is going to go into a male body with rather slender, verging on dainty, features. Upon delivery you are both going to begin a sixty-plus year effort to figure out the mission.”
“Ah, I see that we’ve just lost all but a few volunteers. Not a problem. I still have a few suckers … I mean brave volunteers. Well, let me continue. The mission you’re going on, and will eventually figure out, is this. You are to find a way to bring a certain group of lost sheep back into the fold. This group of lost sheep is made up of souls whose physical attractions are not going to be considered normal. You see, down there on Earth mankind has lost sight of what’s really important to Abba. The majority of Abba’s people have concluded that since they’re “normal” and are only attracted to the opposite sex and wear clothing which reflects their acceptable compulsions, that anyone who isn’t like them is a bad person. They rely on some rather vague and generally misunderstood passages in the bible to support their opinions. The result is that a lot of these shunned sheep have reached the incorrect conclusion that since Abba created them the way they are, and then a bunch of people who claim to speak for Him have shunned them, that He really doesn’t care for them at all and will only associate with them if they force themselves to live like everyone else. And this, after he’s the one who created them the way He did. Your mission, should you decide to accept it will be to convince those lost sheep that they are okay just the way they are; the way Abba made them and furthermore that those ‘normal’ people do not speak for Him.
Yes … There’s a question from Spirit 7.
Why does this require two spirits to be crammed into one soul, specifically a male and a female in a male body?
Good question Spirit 7. The answer is actually quite simple. He wants these two volunteers to stick out like a sore thumb. Well, it looks like I’m left with just you two, Spirit 7 and Spirit 77. Looks like we have a team. Follow me.”

Now of course all this seems rather absurd on a certain level I know, but it does answer a lot of questions doesn’t it?

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