Where to go from here …

Yes, I know it’s been a spell since I made an entry to my blog. I’ve been ruminating about where to go from here. “Dear Mom and Dad” is a work of disclosure; a recitation of lessons learned and experiences experienced in terms of coming to grips with who I am and why I am the way I am. Much of what I’ve read by other “gender” oriented authors continues in the same gender oriented vein long after the original work. While I understand the need to continue the process of educating our society about the effects of a body that doesn’t match the spirit, I don’t believe that continuing to beat the horse we rode in on is productive. So much of what I read in gender and sexual orientation publications expresses a demanding tone of anger. I can’t recall a time, in any situation when angry demands have ever resulted in anything resembling generous, loving reaction or results.
The alphabet soup, sex and gender society referred to as LGBTQ has, in my experience, made very little effort to be a blended part of society. They demand equal rights at the least and in some situations special rights, as in the case of hate crimes legislation. It seems to me that violent crime is covered pretty well in criminal laws already on the books. The reason for a person who injuring, stealing from or killing another person, shouldn’t go beyond premeditated or reactionary. Just because the injured party is different, ie LGBTQ should have no bearing on the justice meted out by the court. Focusing attention on the differences, which is what that law does, is in my opinion the exact opposite of what is needed.
In my church, New Foundation Christian Fellowship, we have a phrase that we repeat over and over again. “We don’t want to know where we’re different. We want to know where we’re alike.” To me, that expresses that I’m a human being first; I’m a Christian second and gender variant third. There are far more important things in life than what’s under my skirt, who’s in my bed, if anyone, or how much is in my bank account. I want to accepted for “who” I am, not for, or because of, “what” I am. Therefore I hope, in the future, to focus this blog on things that are of “real” importance to my life; like the things that God shares with me and then expects me to share with everyone, not just a limited segment of society; thoughts that you can absorb or shake off as you will. Thoughts that may be brief or thoughts that may be detailed. Who knows what the future holds. As my late bride used to say when confronted with such a situation, … “NEXT!”

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