Notes from the past

In beginning the chore of writing another book I located and dug out a bundle of notes on sermons which I’d made over the last 10 years or so. I found this particular one, which is not a “sermon” note it’s something of a freeverse poem. It’s dated 5/27/07.

I have only a hint of why
I’ve been set upon this road.
I didn’t choose this path
With a prior purpose on my mind.
I’m just here and I’m not alone.
I am sure of what I want to find.
I am not sure of what is there to find.
I’ve been this way before with others.
This road has had one hill so far,
And a chuck hole to repair.
The map is old and sometimes hard to read.
The curves are there to see,
But the hills and valleys, the rocks and holes,
the damage left by those who
Passed this way before can take its toll.

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